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Writer's Block: Born this way

If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

I thought there were a few among us who might enjoy this one. 

Writer's Block: Doing the time warp

If you could travel through time with someone you know, who would you choose, and why?

"You. Birdie."

She startled and woke, chirping nervously into the darnkess. It was a chick's chirp, and not entirely avian. It wasn't morning - scientists came early and left late, and there was no one here now. Darkness filled the room that the young girl had been forced to live in for the past six months, though time was no longer relevant. The three year old didn't understand what had happened to her - only that her family was gone, and they'd taken her name. When she touched the back of her neck, she had feathers, and her nails were sharp and she had wings that didn't move.

The room she was in held cages that were mostly empty. Only one other shared the same fate that she did, an older girl with dark hair. Her wings moved and her bird calls were purely avian.

For six months, they'd reffered to her as "it" or a number, or, sometimes, the "golden eagle". Her own name had been lost in the jumble, fallen through the cracks. In the mess of scientists and cages, seperation and pain, her name had ceased to be important. Survival had become what mattered the most.

She chirped again, peering into the darkness.

Someone was in the cage across from her, soemone who hadn't been there when the lights in the room had gone out that night. In the darkness, she could only see the silloutte of the someone, but it was enough. It had to e what had woken her - the clanking of the cage as the newest someone was deposited there.

"Hi." She whispered, pressing her face against the wall of the cage that faced the new child. "Hi. Over here." 

She could remember her own first day in this room: pain and fear and loss and forgetting and all the smells and sounds. Finding she had wings and feathers and could chirp. Strange, scary, bad. She'd had nobody then.

"You." She whispered. "Birdie."

Snakes and a Wing

Caine, I was searching online for pictures of snakes - I wanted to see what a snake like you without the YOU in it looked like, and ... I found this. It had WINGS and a SNAKE, Caine. I thought you'd find this amusing.

Writer's Block: Doh!

What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Writer's Block: What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy?
Caine, Nyx? What makes you feel sexy?

Nice to meet you.

Hi there everyone! Before we get started I thought I might just explain things to anyone who happens to be wandering around these parts.fort_jerichois a community [info]oddestoneout  and myself are using as a storyboard for a novel we plan to write. This is just a way to help us get inside our characters' heads and figure out what's going on. It's not open to posting for anyone except our characters, but anyone who would like to stick around and read is more than welcome to.

With that said,

Welcome to Fort Jericho.
where "Playing God" is a paying job.

post away, Blondie!